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State of Unity - Virgil Jones mystery thriller - book 21


Virgil Jones book 21

By thomas Scott

State of Unity is the amazing 21st novel in the ongoing Virgil Jones crime fiction saga…an original mystery thriller series that will stay with you long after you turn the last page. And the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Get together in UNITY…

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State of Anger - Book 1 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

“This series grabs you with book one and doesn't let go!”


Virgil Jones Book 1

In State of Anger, Detective Virgil Jones, leader of the Major Crimes Unit tackles the hard cases. ‘The good stuff’ his boss likes to call it. Except there’s nothing good about his latest case. Nothing at all. A team of serial snipers are on the loose…their civilian victims chosen at random. Or are they?

With no witnesses and very little evidence, the Major Crimes Unit is ordered to find and stop the killers by any means necessary. Except when Virgil’s long-lost adopted brother, a convicted felon named Murton Wheeler comes back to town, in trouble and on the run, Virgil knows it’s more than just coincidence. He can’t prove it…in fact, he’s not even sure he wants to.

As the bodies continue to mount, Virgil finds himself running out of options, knowing he has to choose where his true loyalties lie…with the people he’s sworn to protect, or to the brother who left him behind when he needed him the most.

But in the end Virgil discovers he never really had a choice, because the final bullet reveals a truth that will change his life forever.

State of Betrayal - Book 2 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

“Any lover of crime fiction should not miss this series. These books grab you and make you want more. The story telling is real, in your face, and relevant. A high-octane read!”


Virgil Jones Book 2 

Twenty years ago James Pope was shot to death in front of his twin children, Nicholas and Nichole, by a rookie cop named Virgil Jones. Now, as young adults, the Pope twins are looking for revenge against the man they hold responsible for the death of their father.

Except twenty years is a long time and Detective Virgil Jones has a few other problems, the shooting of James Pope a distant memory.

The Governor’s Chief of Staff wants to privatize the Indiana prison system and plans to fund the construction costs by tapping into the state’s unclaimed lottery winnings. There’s only one problem…the construction contract has been awarded to the father of the man responsible for Virgil’s kidnapping and torture.

And don’t forget the Pope twins. They want a little something else besides revenge. The state’s lottery has hit an all-time high and with only days to go before the deadline, no one has claimed the money. The twins have a plan to walk away with the winnings and take down the people who destroyed their childhood all at the same time. But when Nicholas Pope goes missing and his apartment is found covered in blood, Nichole turns to the only person she can think of to help her, the one person who could never turn her away: Virgil Jones.

State of Control - Book 3 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

“Hook. Line. Sinker. Again. It has become clear to me that I will read every book Thomas Scott writes.”


Virgil Jones Book 3 

Virgil Jones thinks his life is back on track and he’s in control of his future, but he’s not. In fact, he doesn’t even know the meaning of the word control…

In Shelby County, Indiana, a group of mega-farmers are about to make the deal of their lives. During a dry season that threatens to ruin their harvest, they begin to dig for irrigation water but hit a pocket of natural gas instead. A hasty deal is put on the table and the members of the Shelby County Co-op board are set to go from a Midwestern farming powerhouse to a multi-million dollar fracking operation. Except one of the farmers doesn’t like the idea. He doesn’t like it at all… 

Pam Donatti is still grieving the loss of her husband, Ed, after he was killed in a vicious gun battle, a battle that almost cost Virgil his own life. When the state refuses to pay Pam her husband’s death benefits, the Indiana State Troopers go on strike in support of a fallen officer’s family. But Pam has a secret, one that has the potential to change her, and her son’s life forever… 

On a quiet Sunday afternoon Virgil’s former boss calls and tells him the governor wants a private meeting. Why? He has no idea. And frankly, he doesn’t care. He was fired from the state’s Major Crimes Unit by the governor himself eight months ago. Besides, his life is going just fine. His wife, Sandy, is pregnant with their first child, he owns two businesses—a Jamaican themed bar called Jonesy’s, and a private investigation firm he runs with his partner and brother, Murton Wheeler. 

But Virgil is about to discover that time isn’t as linear as it appears and events from his past are about to repeat themselves. And when they do, he’ll come face to face with pure evil and forced to make the kind of choice no man should ever have to make.

State of Deception - Book 4 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"No one sets up a Mystery, Thriller & Suspense novel like Thomas Scott. Completely original crime fiction with both plot and heart." --Publisher's Weekly


Virgil Jones Book 4 


A young female student has gone missing from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Patty Doyle is a Senior with her whole life ahead of her. In the middle of wrapping up her final semester she disappears without a trace, and what begins as a missing person’s case turns into something much more, not just for Patty, but for Virgil as well…

A few months ago Virgil’s best friend and brother, Murton Wheeler killed the man responsible for viciously attacking Virgil’s wife, Sandy, and their unborn son, Wyatt. Just before Murton pulled the trigger, DHS agent Paul Gibson and the governor arrive with information for Murton. Information that could either change his life forever, or end it…

A group of home-grown terrorists have everything they need to build and detonate a dirty bomb right in the middle of the heartland. The Department of Homeland Security wants Murton to do something he thought he’d never have to do again…go deep undercover and infiltrate a criminal organization. But at what cost, and in the end, who will pay the tab?

Virgil thought the murder and mystery in Shelby County was right where it belonged…in his rear-view mirror. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

State of Exile - Book 5 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"Excellent read. I would recommend any of the books written by Thomas Scott. Fast pace and makes you want to keep reading."


Virgil Jones Book 5 


When Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agent Chris Dobson goes after one of Virgil’s own, he does so in a horrific manner, one that leaves Virgil and his wife, Sandy in shock, and exiles two of their best friends at a time when they need them the most…

Virgil’s life is in a state of chaos. He’s managing a new family, a bar he owns with his best friends, he’s trying to unload two-thousand acres of inherited farmland in Shelby County without giving up the mineral rights, and he is working both for and against the head of the MCU, Ron Miles. But something else is happening as well: He feels as if his mind is not his own and the turmoil and confusion have placed him at a crossroads…

Three months ago, Virgil rescued a young woman, Patty Doyle, from certain death. As a result, Patty and her uncle, Rick Said, show their gratitude by using Virgil’s Shelby County farmland as a test bed for their new natural gas extraction method, one that Virgil hopes will free him and his family from a major burden in their lives. But while extracting core samples for testing, Patty is once again forced to face her demons, all while making a discovery that will either save Virgil financially, or ruin him once and for all…

But Patty’s discovery brings pure evil to light, and Dobson’s thirst for revenge put forces in motion that change everything. And when it does, not only does Virgil once again find himself and those he loves at the very center of terror, he makes an unexpected and perilous decision, one that will ultimately change his life forever, because for Virgil, all crossroads lead back to Shelby County.

State of Freedom - Book 6 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"Reading the whole series. I am amazed at how much is packed in each and every story. Love the humor, the continuity, and awesome character development."


Virgil Jones Book 6 


Virgil Jones has it all: A beautiful wife and family he loves, a job he enjoys, a tight-knit group of friends and co-workers he trusts with his life, and more money than he could ever spend. But one of those friends has a secret, one they’ve been hiding for over a year…

The governor needs something from Virgil’s wife, Sandy. When he tells her what he wants, she finds herself intrigued by the idea. In fact, she’s more than intrigued. Sandy thinks she may have found a new purpose in her life, if, that is, Virgil goes along with the idea…

Except there’s a problem. Ron Miles, Virgil’s unofficial boss, has suddenly disappeared while working out of the Gary, Indiana field office. Miles, in charge of a task force to help stem the flow of illegal weapons into the city of Chicago, hasn’t sent back one of his regular daily reports. And when one of the Major Crimes Unit detectives starts asking questions, the answers turn out to be not only mysterious, but deadly…

As Virgil and the rest of the MCU look into Ron’s disappearance, they suddenly discover that not only will they be fighting for Freedom, they’ll be fighting for their lives.

State of Genesis - Book 7 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"Love the characters, the plots, how disparate people and their actions are all interwoven and come together."


Virgil Jones Book 7 


Pete Long has it made. As a star high school basketball player, he’s just received a full athletic scholarship from Purdue University, and is already being scouted by the pro’s. But when Pete meets up with a group of street players, something terrible happens, and Pete’s life is changed forever…

Virgil’s wife, Sandy, the lieutenant governor of the State of Indiana is working with the governor and Senator Michael Wright to pass legislation that has the potential to change the voting system, not only in their state, but all across the country. But not everyone wants the vote to pass. In fact, there are people who will do anything to ensure that it doesn’t…

Rick Said, owner of the sonic drilling units that made Virgil and Sandy wealthy has a problem. The sonic drill units operate in part via artificial intelligence, something Said’s engineers know nothing about. And when the company Said contracted with for the AI technology decides to discontinue their relationship, Said asks Virgil to find out why…

But Virgil has something that takes priority over Said’s request. Senator Wright’s son, Garrett, has been murdered. Was the murder a message to the senator to back away from the bill, or something else entirely? As Virgil and the rest of the Major Crimes Unit begin to look into Wright’s death, they not only discover a twisted web of lies and deceit, they find themselves caught in the crosshairs of a killer.

State of Humanity - Book 8 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"From Indiana to Jamaica and back—the action never stops. As with all of the books in Mr. Scott’s series, this one is pure genius. It’s fast-paced and you’ll be on the edge of your seat. The ending is sensational."


Virgil Jones Book 8 


Six wealthy couples are taken from their homes, then robbed of everything they own. The problem for the Major Crimes Unit is this: They have no evidence, no clues, and no idea if the victims are dead or alive. As Virgil Jones and the rest of the MCU investigates, the pressure mounts to find out who is committing the crimes, and more importantly, the location of the victims…

Huma Moon, Virgil and Sandy’s live-in nanny has a secret, and she’s kept it to herself for decades. Even her best friend and lover, Delroy Rouche doesn’t know. But Delroy has a secret of his own, one that he’s shared only with Virgil. And when Virgil sends Delroy and Huma to Jamaica to give them time to sort out their lives, he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that will either help them, or kill them…

The Pope twins have a problem of their own. Their neighbor in the hills of Hanover Parish in Jamaica isn’t the type of neighbor anyone would want. Roje Brenner owns one of the largest construction businesses on the island, one he uses to launder the profits from his international drug operation. And when Nichole and Nicky Pope discover Delroy’s connection to Brenner, they have to make a choice, one that could cost them everything.


State of Impact - Book 9 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"Dollar for dollar, there are very few other authors who can pack as much danger, action, adventure, excitement, and family love, into one book!"


Virgil Jones Book 9


“No one sets a story in motion like Thomas Scott, and State of Impact, his 9th book of the series is absolutely thrilling!”

In the middle of the night on a quiet country road in Northern Indiana a crop duster is stolen, and the patrol cop who happens by during the theft is brutally murdered. With the most famous racing event in the world only days away, the governor, along with the Department of Homeland Security task Virgil Jones and the state’s Major Crimes Unit to determine if the two events are somehow connected. Their fear? The plane could be used to spray the crowd of spectators with a deadly substance, killing or injuring thousands…

But Virgil has his own personal motivation for finding the stolen aircraft: His wife, Sandy, has been chosen to wave the green flag during the start of the Indianapolis 500, something she is extremely excited about. But Virgil isn’t excited about the idea at all. In fact, he’s afraid if they don’t find the plane in time, and figure out who is responsible for one of the most complicated cases he’s ever investigated, the Brickyard could be turned into a graveyard.

State of Justice - Book 10 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"They just keep getting better. Mr. Scott's writing simply amazes me. I cannot wait for his next book."


Virgil Jones Book 10

I’m not doing this to you. I’m doing it for you. Please forgive me…

Murton Wheeler’s girlfriend, Becky Taylor, is fighting the demons of her past, and when she goes missing in the middle of the night, Virgil and Murton begin a fast and furious search. Her car is in the drive. Her purse, wallet, and phone are on the kitchen counter. There is no sign of a struggle. In fact, there was no struggle at all because when Virgil and Murton check the property’s security cameras, they witness Becky walk out onto the road where she is placed in a windowless panel van by two masked men. Who were they, and more importantly, why didn’t Becky resist or put up any kind of fight? And the note? What meaning does it hold? Did Becky leave of her own free will, or are there other forces at play, causing her to cooperate in something unknown to Virgil and Murton?

As their investigation unfolds, the clues are few and mysterious. And just when they begin to make any sort of progress, Virgil’s boss, Cora LaRue, calls and orders Virgil and the entire MCU down to Clay County, where the sheriff needs their help with a murder investigation in the small town of Harmony. But with Becky still missing, Virgil doesn’t want to leave Murton behind to continue the search alone and unaided.

Once again caught between the duties of his job, and the loyalty to his family, Virgil finds himself juggling two seemingly unrelated events…Becky’s disappearance, and the murder in Clay County. And he’s about to discover the choices he makes will determine not only Becky and Murton’s fate, but his own as well.

State of Killers - Book 11 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"Absolutely riveting. I have read every book by this author and can't wait for the next one. The cast of characters come alive and I feel as though I know them personally."


Virgil Jones Book 11


They’d flown out of Freedom, Indiana, Doc Bell at the controls of the state helicopter because the governor’s pilot, Richard Cool, was unconscious and bleeding out. As it happened, they didn’t need to stay and fight any longer, the state’s National Guard called in to clean up the last of the gun runners. But with everything happening so fast and furious, what they didn’t know at the time was this: The National Guard didn’t get everyone. Someone had escaped without the Guard’s knowledge, and now he has a plan to recover his losses—not from Freedom—but somewhere else entirely…

Patty Doyle, the executive director of the Native American Cultural Center notices that some of the Native Americans she has under her care are leaving without any sort of notice, or reason. When she asks for help from the sheriff, it sets off a chain of events that takes Virgil and the MCU from one end of the state to the other, and when Virgil figures out what’s really going on, the people he’s hunting don’t plan to let anything…or anyone, stop them.

State of Anger - Book 12 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"Thomas Scott has become one of my favorite authors. This series is fast moving with great characters and inventive story lines."


Virgil Jones Book 12


Decades ago, Marion County Sheriff Mason Jones investigated the disappearance of a young female cross-country runner who didn’t return home after a local high school competition. No ransom was ever demanded, and the only piece of evidence ever recovered was a single running shoe with a spot of blood that had seeped into the laces. After a long and exhaustive search, the missing girl was never found, and eventually, the investigation was listed as unsolved. The case notes and shoe were boxed up and stuck in an evidence locker where they’d wither and die, just like the young female athlete. What Mason didn’t realize at the time was this: The missing girl wasn’t the only one abducted. Over the years, there’d been more. Many more…

Virgil Jones, lead detective for the state’s Major Crimes Unit is still struggling after the loss of a friend and coworker. Ron Miles was ambushed and shot to death on a previous case while rounding up the last holdout of a group of drug-runners in Southern Indiana. Virgil and Ron had weathered a tenuous relationship over the years, but Virgil’s guilt over putting Ron into a position that ultimately cost him his life is tearing him apart…

In French Lick, Indiana, just south of the Lost River, an elderly man is found dead in his garage. His morning newspaper and cup of coffee are sitting on the workbench next to his chair. In one hand he held an unlit cigarette; in the other a simple Bic lighter. His head is tipped back in the chair as if he might have experienced the most tranquil death anyone could ever hope for. The family, the authorities, and even the emergency medical personnel all agreed…it looked like he’d simply closed his eyes to rest, then peacefully drifted off to wherever the dead go when their time comes. But time is mysterious, looks can be deceiving, and as Virgil Jones is about to discover, the death of the elderly man will unravel a mystery that began decades ago, one where lives were lost, and black-hearted killers had few, if any boundaries.

State of Mind - Book 13 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"Thomas Scott is a master at his craft and will be recommended to all my friends."


Virgil Jones Book 13

Virgil Jones, lead detective for the state’s Major Crimes Unit thinks he has everything under control…until a crew of professional thieves and murderers from the deep south roll into the city and set up shop. Their plan? Take down Banks and Credit Unions in rural areas scattered all across the state…

But that’s not Virgil’s only problem because a group of Wayward Strangers from his past are about to reach out and touch him and those he loves in ways he never thought possible. And when that happens, it not only challenges his thought process, it leaves Virgil’s brother, Murton Wheeler, questioning his own State of Mind.

State of Need - Book 14 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

"With openings that are almost poetic, to his action-packed, dramatic meat of the story, along with endings that will leave you in awe, Mr. Scott is my go-to author. Always."


Virgil Jones Book 14

State of Need is the stunning 14th Mystery Thriller book in the ongoing Virgil Jones series…one that continues to leave readers breathless and begging for more. If you like crime fiction with action, adventure, rebellion, thrills, chills, laugh-out-loud humor, and characters you’ll want to stand and cheer for, you’ve just found it.

If you’re looking for a new mystery thriller series that will stay with you long after you turn the last page, look no further because Virgil Jones is original crime fiction at its finest.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book will fill your NEED TO READ!!
Thomas Scott continues to capture my attention and always leaves me wanting more. Every time I finish one of his books I’m amazed at how he seamlessly blends the past and present. Get this book. In fact, if you haven’t already, get them all. Just don’t plan on getting much done around the house!!

State of One - Book 15 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

“I’ve never read any other author who sets the stage the way Thomas Scott does. His storytelling is absolutely brilliant!”


Virgil Jones Book 15

Virgil Jones has always worked complicated cases, but the one he faces this time could mean the difference between life and death…not for him, but for one of the other detectives with the state’s Major Crimes Unit…

Early in the morning, on a private lake in Kentucky, a kayaker is shot dead by a sniper. When Detective Virgil Jones is asked to visit the crime scene and examine the evidence, he’s shocked to discover that one of his own men is the main suspect in the shooting. Virgil refuses to believe it’s true, but no one can find the man he’s trying to protect…

In Moran County, just south of Indianapolis, a man is found dead in his apartment. The coroner has listed the death as suspicious, but with no sign of forced entry, and a body that doesn’t have a scratch on it, no one knows how or why he died…

As the Major Crimes Unit begins investigating both crimes, Virgil and his team will come to discover that the two cases are connected in ways they couldn’t have possibly imagined. And in the end, a death of a different kind will rock Virgil to his very core…all over again.

State of Play - Book 16 of the Virgil Jones mystery thriller series

“If you like police procedurals with thrills, chills, action and adventure, rebellion, laugh-out-loud humor, and characters you’ll never forget, you’ve just found it.”


Virgil Jones Book 16

In State of Play, Detective Virgil Jones is about to learn a hard lesson: Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for all the right reasons…

While on a working vacation in Jamaica, Virgil receives word of a horrific crime perpetrated by someone that the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Major Crimes Unit thought they had locked away for life. But when that person escapes custody, it sets off a chain of events that no one could have ever predicted. And in the midst of it all, one detective of the MCU will suffer a devastating loss, one that will change his life forever…

From the streets of Indianapolis, and Chicago, to the small island town of Lucea, Jamaica, Virgil Jones and the MCU do everything in their power to capture a group of criminals who hold little, if any, regard for human life. In doing so, they discover a killer hiding in plain sight, one who helps set the stage for Virgil and his team to make their ultimate play.


State of Qualms - Book 17 of the Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series by Tomas Scott

“If you’re searching for a groundbreaking mystery thriller series that stays with you long after you turn the last page, look no further because Virgil Jones is original crime fiction at its finest.”


Virgil Jones Book 17

Virgil Jones, lead detective for the Major Crimes Unit has one word to describe his life of late: Chaos. His wife, Sandy, has taken over as governor, he’s been given a new boss, and he’s been told that as the state’s First Gentleman, he needs to change his image and clean up his act…

But those aren’t Virgil’s only problems. Three people have been discovered bludgeoned to death in different parts of the state, each with the same cryptic note left near the body at the scene of the crime. And as the MCU begins to work the case, Virgil unknowingly makes a decision that not only brings certain evidence to light, it will change the life of the one person he loves more than anyone.

State of Qualms is the extraordinary 17th Mystery Thriller book in the ongoing Virgil Jones series of novels…one that continues to leave readers on the edge of their seat and begging for more.

State of Remains - Book 18 of the Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series by Tomas Scott

“It's not often an author can maintain a quality of excellence across their entire series, but Thomas Scott has.”


Virgil Jones Book 18

Sometimes good cops do the wrong thing for all the right reasons, and Virgil Jones, lead detective for the Major Crimes Unit, is about to learn a hard lesson from his recent past: When words become weapons, nobody walks away free and easy…

Virgil’s wife, Sandy, the governor of the state, is on sabbatical and still in recovery after being shot in her own backyard. Virgil is taking some time off as well while his wife heals—until he receives an urgent call from his best friend and and brother, Murton Wheeler, and the news isn’t good at all…

Virgil Jones thought he’d put his qualms to rest, but now he’s about to discover what remains as a result of not only his actions, but his brother’s as well, because the words Virgil hears are his own, and they’re the ones he fears the most: “You left a trail, Murt…”


State of Suspense - Virgil Jones mystery thriller - book 19

“Again, Virgil and crew provide all a reader could hope to find in a crime fiction novel. This one more than lived up to the title.”


Virgil Jones Book 19 

Over the course of his career, Virgil Jones, lead detective for the state’s Major Crimes Unit, has seen it all, or so he thought. But Virgil is once again about to be reminded that the past doesn’t simply fade away, and when someone has a need, they’ll do anything to fill it…

When Fiona Vale walked away from her job eighteen months ago, nobody actually noticed. And why would they? No one ever looked at her or thought she was a part of everything that had happened. In fact, her name never even made it into the case file. But she’d been a part of it all, and now she was back with a need all her own…

Detective Jack Grady, Virgil’s counterpart from Kentucky, has shown up with disturbing news: Grady and his team are convinced there is a major illegal drug manufacturing operation happening somewhere in Indiana, and he wants Virgil and the Major Crimes Unit to get it shut down any way they can…

The former governor of the state has discovered that someone is using his company to launder money through the banking system. The problem is, he has no idea who. When Mac asks Virgil and the MCU to look into the situation, it sets off a chain of events that no one saw coming. And when Virgil realizes that Mac and Grady’s problems are both connected to the past, the entire Major Crimes Unit will be put to the test, and one detective with the MCU won’t simply be fighting crime…he’ll be fighting for his life.

State of Time - Virgil Jones mystery thriller - book 20

“Thomas Scott has done it again, and this time he's gone where no other author dares. I love Virgil Jones!”


Virgil Jones Book 20

Virgil’s father, Mason Jones, has always tried to instill two important messages to his son: One is that everything is connected. And the other? Time isn’t real. During the course of his career as lead detective with the Major Crimes Unit, Virgil has come to have a basic understanding of the first lesson, though it hasn’t always been easy. Now, in State of Time, he’s about to discover the second message from his father is more real—and frightening—than anything he’s ever encountered.

State of Time is the incredible 20th Mystery Thriller in the ongoing Virgil Jones Series that continues to leave readers breathless and begging for more. This is the series you’ve been searching for. This is original crime fiction at its finest, and now it’s Time to make it your own.

State of Unity - Virgil Jones mystery thriller - book 21

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books. Thank you Thomas Scott for weaving such beautiful stories.”


Virgil Jones Book 21

Virgil jones, lead detective with the state’s Major Crimes Unit has always been a big believer in second chances. In fact, not long ago he gave one to a man who should have gone to jail for the crimes he committed. Except now, that singular decision is about to haunt Virgil because when the MCU investigates the death of one of their own, they discover a killer with a perfect alibi…

The former governor has a problem of his own: The military has tested and approved a new type of weapon designed by Said, Inc. But when one of the prototypes is stolen, it’s up to Virgil and his brother, Murton Wheeler, to find the weapon before it falls into the wrong hands, and their former boss winds up in prison. And in the midst of it all, when Virgil realizes the two crimes are connected, one detective with the MCU will have his life altered yet again in ways he never thought possible…

State of Unity is the amazing 21st Mystery Thriller in the ongoing Virgil Jones Series. Grab your copy today and discover why readers simply can’t get enough of Virgil Jones!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Never before have I ever read a series that captivated me as this did. I saw the scenes and felt the emotions of the characters. I held my breath , laughed, cried and was totally engaged in the human nature portrayed . It would be criminal not to see this entire series converted to film.

Jack Bellows Series

Wayward Strangers - Jack Bellows mystery thriller- book 1 by Thomas Scott

“In Wayward Strangers, Thomas Scott has created a timeless story of love, loss, redemption, and courage. It is, without question, an absolutely beautiful book.”


Jack Bellows Book 1 

Inspired by the true story of a forgotten hero, Thomas Scott, bestselling author of the Virgil Jones Series, has created an epic tale of courage and heroism, detailing one young man’s remarkable resilience and the determination it takes to survive during the darkest times of his life.

The year is 1939 and the world is on the brink of yet another global war. Jack Bellows is just sixteen years old, and he’s on the run…not from the war, but from his own past. He has eleven dollars in his pocket, the clothes on his back, and he is completely and utterly alone.

When he walks away from the home where he was born and raised, Jack soon discovers that the assistance of strangers who offer him help comes with a cost, one that is buried beneath layers of secrets, lies, and betrayal. And if Jack can’t find a way out from underneath the people who have brought him into their circle of deception and criminal activity, he’ll be running from more than just his past…he’ll be running for his life.

From the streets of Chicago and Los Angeles, to the South Pacific and back, Wayward Strangers is a daring saga of history, suspense, love, and the breathtaking triumph of one man’s incredible will to survive.


Brave Strangers - Jack Bellows Mystery Thriller - Book 2

"Thomas Scott has his own unique way of drawing you into a story and holding you there. I didn’t know how he was going to continue this series, but I’m so glad he did. Brave Strangers is phenomenal!"


Jack Bellows Book 2 

Jack Bellows is a fighter. He’s fought in the war, he’s fought on the streets of Chicago and LA, and now, in book two of Thomas Scott’s literary Mystery Thriller Series, Jack is about to discover the battle he’s been waging over the last five years—with both himself and others—isn’t finished yet…not by a long shot.

After barely escaping with their lives, Jack and his wife, Hana, thought they were free from the clutches of organized crime. But when Special Agent Paul Weston comes back into their lives, he brings devastating news: The mob has an open contract out on them both, and their only hope of survival is to do the one thing Jack said he’d never do again…work with the FBI to help bring down the National Crime Syndicate.

But that’s not Jack’s only problem. When he puts his trust—and his life—back in Agent Weston’s hands, he soon discovers that the demons of his past are about to reveal themselves once again, haunting him in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine.

From the shores of Lake Michigan, to Central Iowa, and the mean streets of Chicago and Los Angeles, Jack and Hana continue their daring family saga of history, suspense, and enduring love. And in the end, as they fight to survive, one Brave Stranger will either help them…or destroy them forever.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The most riveting stories I have ever read. Thomas Scott is awesome. Can’t wait for the next book, and more. I applaud Thomas Scott, an absolute great author. A must on your readers list!

About Thomas


Thomas Scott is the bestselling author of the award winning Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series of novels, set in the heartland of the Midwest. The books are all full-length stand-alone novels, best read in order. New to the Virgil Jones series? Start with State of Anger.

Each book is filled with good guys who sometimes do bad things, and bad guys who sometimes try to get it right. It is, original crime fiction at its finest, with action, mystery, thrills, and gripping suspense. You’ll also find a fair amount of humor, and a bit of romance. While there are never any cliff-hangers, every book (along with the over-arching storyline of the entire series) includes a colorful cast of recurring characters with true-to-life dialogue that any reader is sure to love.

Thomas is also the author of the Jack Bellows Mystery Thriller series of novels. The Virgil Jones and Jack Bellows series are tightly connected, and readers who enjoy Virgil are sure to fall in love with Jack as well.

Thomas lives in a small town in northern Indiana, one that is literally on the way to nowhere, which is exactly what he likes. It’s the kind of town where you can sit on the front porch and still see the occasional horse and buggy clopping by, or have one of the town cops pull into your driveway just to say hello. He’s never far from his lovely wife, Debra, and his trusty sidekicks and writing buddies, Lucy, the cat, and Buster the dog. Use the Contact Page to ask a question, or just say hello!

Coming Soon

State of Vengeance - Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller series book 22

Coming in 2024


Virgil Jones book 22

State of Vengeance, the 22nd book of the Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series will be available in 2024. If you’d like to be notified of its release, simply click the button below and join the family.

Timeless Strangers - Jack Bellows book 3 by Thomas Scott

Coming in 2024


Jack Bellows Book 3 

The third installment of the Jack Bellows series will be available in 2024. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it may even leave you wanting more, all because of three Timeless Strangers.

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I’ve always said the best part of the whole gig is hearing from my readers, so if you’d like to contact me for any reason, simply send me an email right here. I will respond, but it may take a day or two depending on how busy I am, so hang in there with me. I’m either writing, or trying on different hats in the haberdashery. And listen, if you haven’t already done so, sign up and join Virgil and the gang. You’ll get an email whenever a new book is released, or when I buy a new hat! (Okay, just kidding about the hats) 🤠