About Thomas Scott

Thomas Scott is the bestselling author of the award winning Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series of novels, set in the heartland of the Midwest. The books are all full-length stand-alone novels, best read in order. New to the Virgil Jones series? Start with State of Anger.

Each book is filled with action, mystery, thrills, and gripping suspense. You’ll also find a fair amount of humor, and a bit of romance. While there are never any cliff-hangers, each book (along with the over-arching storyline of the entire series) includes a colorful cast of recurring characters with true-to-life dialogue that any reader is sure to love. It’s easy to see why the Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller series is gaining such wide appeal with mystery, thriller & suspense fans everywhere.

He is also the author of the Jack Bellows Mystery Thriller series of novels. The Virgil Jones and Jack Bellows series are tightly connected, and readers who enjoy Virgil are sure to fall in love with Jack as well!

Thomas lives in a small town in northern Indiana, one that is literally on the way to nowhere, which is exactly what he likes. It’s the kind of town where you can sit on the front porch and still see the occasional horse and buggy clopping by, or have one of the town cops pull into your driveway just to say hello. He’s never far from his lovely wife, Debra, and his trusty sidekicks and writing buddies, Lucy, the cat, and Buster the dog. Use the Contact Page to ask a question, or just say hello!

Thomas Scott - Bestselling author of the Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller & Suspense series
Thomas and his lovely wife, Debra. This was the picture someone caught after Debra finally said yes to Thomas’s marriage proposal. What happened before she said yes is a story all in itself!