The Virgil Jones Mystery, Thriller & Suspense series of novels are listed below. While each book is a stand-alone novel, readers who enjoy character development and a greater depth of backstory will definitely want to read the books in order. Start with State of Anger - Book #1 of the Virgil Jones series, then check out the rest of the series. I think you'll be glad you did. Enjoy!


State Of Anger

As leader of the Indiana State Police Major Crimes Unit, Detective Virgil Jones tackles only the toughest cases in the state, and the one he faces this time has the city of Indianapolis on edge, near the brink of panic. A team of serial snipers begin using their own personal brand of vigilante justice, and their first two victims are murdered right in front of the governor’s mansion. 

With no witnesses and very little evidence, it is up to Detective Virgil Jones and his team to find out who is responsible for the mysterious killings. But Virgil has his own problems, both personal and professional. Among them, a backlog of cases that require his attention, the sudden reappearance of his long lost friend, convicted felon Murton Wheeler, and he is in love with Sandy Small, one of the investigators in his unit. As Virgil and his team follow the killer’s trail, the clues they uncover begin to paint a portrait of betrayal, deceit, bloodlust, and greed, and in the midst of it all, Virgil and Sandy make a personal discovery so profound it will change their lives forever. 

State Of Anger is a story of life, love, murder and mystery; one that examines the depths of human emotion and the dark places they often lead us all.

State of Anger is book #1 of the Virgil Jones Mystery Series. The books are meant to be read in order. While they are on sale exclusively at they may be read on any device. And for those of you who enjoy the actual feel and aroma of a regular book, State of Anger is also available in paperback, also from Amazon.


State Of Betrayal

Virgil Jones is in for the fight of his life. 

In recovery after being kidnapped and nearly tortured to death on his previous case, he is addicted to prescription pain killers, his life is spinning out of control and the governor has just fired him from his position as lead detective of the Indiana State Police Major Crimes Unit.

Twenty years ago James Pope was shot to death in front of his twin children, Nicholas and Nichole, by a rookie cop named Virgil Jones. Now, as young adults, the Pope twins are looking for revenge against the man they hold responsible for the death of their father. 

Except twenty years is a long time and Detective Virgil Jones has a few other problems, the shooting of James Pope a distant memory. The Governor's Chief of Staff wants to privatize the Indiana prison system and plans to fund the construction costs by tapping into the state's unclaimed lottery winnings. There’s only one problem…the construction contract has been awarded to the father of the man responsible for Virgil's kidnapping and torture. 

And don't forget the Pope twins. They want a little something else besides revenge. The state's lottery has hit an all-time high and with only days to go before the deadline, no one has claimed the money. The twins have a plan to walk away with the winnings and take down the people who destroyed their childhood all at the same time. But when Nicholas Pope goes missing and his apartment is found covered in blood, Nichole turns to the only person she can think of to help her, the one person who could never turn her away: Virgil Jones.

You've felt the Anger... 
Now it's time to experience the Betrayal! 


State Of Control

Virgil Jones thinks his life is back on track and he’s in control of his future. But he’s not. In fact, he’s about to discover he doesn’t even know the meaning of the word control.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon Virgil’s former boss calls and tells him the governor wants a private meeting. Why? He has no idea. And frankly, he doesn’t care. He was fired from the state’s Major Crimes Unit by the governor himself eight months ago. Besides, his life is going just fine. His wife, Sandy, is pregnant with their first child, he owns two businesses—a Jamaican themed bar called Jonesy’s, and a private investigation firm he runs with his partner and brother, Murton Wheeler.

But Virgil is about to discover that time isn’t as linear as it appears and events from his past are about to repeat themselves. And when they do, he’ll come face to face with pure evil and forced to make the kind of choice no man should ever have to make. State of Control is a thriller that will make you marvel at the mystery of existence. Filled with gripping suspense and Thomas Scott’s unique blend of humor, action, mysticism, and authentic characters, State Of Control is a story that examines the complexities of good and evil and shows just how far one man will go to stay in control of it all.

You’ve felt the Anger. You’ve experienced the Betrayal. It’s time to take Control…

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Virgil Jones is about to learn a lesson the hard way. When the ground beneath your feet begins to shift, it’s not the future you have to worry about. It’s the past.

A young female student has gone missing from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Patty Doyle is a Senior with her whole life ahead of her. In the middle of wrapping up her final semester she disappears without a trace, and what begins as a missing person’s case turns into something much more, not just for Patty, but for Virgil as well…

Four months ago Virgil’s best friend and bother, Murton Wheeler killed the man responsible for viciously attacking Virgil’s wife, Sandy, and their unborn son, Wyatt. Just before Murton pulled the trigger, DHS agent Paul Gibson and the governor arrive with information for Murton. Information that could either change his life forever, or end it…

A group of home-grown terrorists have everything they need to build and detonate a dirty bomb right in the middle of the heartland. The Department of Homeland Security wants  Murton to do something he thought he’d never have to do again…go deep undercover and infiltrate a criminal organization. But at what cost, and in the end, who will pay the tab?

Virgil thought the murder and mystery of Shelby County was right where it belonged…in his rear-view mirror. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

You’ve felt the Anger.
You’ve experienced the Betrayal.
You’ve taken Control.
Now, it’s time to face the Deception.

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