Brave Strangers

Jack Bellows Mystery Thriller – Book 2

Brave Strangers

A Jack Bellows Novel – Book 2

Jack Bellows is a fighter. He’s fought in the war, he’s fought on the streets of Chicago and LA, and now, in book two of Thomas Scott’s literary Mystery Thriller Series, Jack is about to discover the battle he’s been waging over the last five years—with both himself and others—isn’t finished yet…not by a long shot.

After barely escaping with their lives, Jack and his wife, Hana, thought they were free from the clutches of organized crime. But when Special Agent Paul Weston comes back into their lives, he brings devastating news: The mob has an open contract out on them both, and their only hope of survival is to do the one thing Jack said he’d never do again…work with the FBI to help bring down the National Crime Syndicate.

But that’s not Jack’s only problem. When he puts his trust—and his life—back in Agent Weston’s hands, he soon discovers that the demons of his past are about to reveal themselves once again, haunting him in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine.

From the shores of Lake Michigan, to Central Iowa, and the mean streets of Chicago and Los Angeles, Jack and Hana continue their daring family saga of history, suspense, and enduring love. And in the end, as they fight to survive, one Brave Stranger will either help them…or destroy them forever.

Thomas Scott has his own unique way of drawing you into a story and holding you there. I didn’t know how he was going to continue this series, but I’m so glad he did. Brave Strangers is phenomenal! early reviewer