Wayward Strangers

Jack Bellows Mystery Thriller – Book 1

Wayward Strangers

A Jack Bellows Novel – Book 1

Inspired by the true story of a forgotten hero, Thomas Scott, bestselling author of the Virgil Jones Series, has created an epic tale of courage and heroism, detailing one young man’s remarkable resilience and the determination it takes to survive during the darkest times of his life.

The year is 1939 and the world is on the brink of yet another global war. Jack Bellows is just sixteen years old, and he’s on the run…not from the war, but from his own past. He has eleven dollars in his pocket, the clothes on his back, and he is completely and utterly alone.

When he walks away from the home where he was born and raised, Jack soon discovers that the assistance of strangers who offer him help comes with a cost, one that is buried beneath layers of secrets, lies, and betrayal. And if Jack can’t find a way out from underneath the people who have brought him into their circle of deception and criminal activity, he’ll be running from more than just his past…he’ll be running for his life.

From the streets of Chicago and Los Angeles, to the South Pacific and back, Wayward Strangers is a daring saga of history, suspense, love, and the breathtaking triumph of one man’s incredible will to survive.

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“In Wayward Strangers, Thomas Scott has created a timeless story of love, loss, redemption, and courage. It is, without question, an absolutely beautiful book.”

Amazon.com early reviewer