State of Anger - Book 1 of the Virgil Jones Mystery Series

State of Anger

The truth is revealed…

One bullet at a time.

“This series grabs you with book one and doesn't let go!”--Wall Street Journal

Detective Virgil Jones, leader of the Major Crimes Unit tackles the hard cases. 'The good stuff' his boss likes to call it. Except there's nothing good about his latest case. Nothing at all. A team of serial snipers are on the loose...their civilian victims chosen at random. Or are they?

With no witnesses and very little evidence, the Major Crimes Unit is ordered to find and stop the killers by any means necessary. Except when Virgil's long-lost adopted brother, a convicted felon named Murton Wheeler comes back to town, in trouble and on the run, Virgil knows it's more than just coincidence. He can't prove fact, he's not even sure he wants to.

As the bodies continue to mount, Virgil finds himself running out of options, knowing he has to choose where his true loyalties lie...with the people he's sworn to protect, or to the brother that left him behind when he needed him the most.

But in the end Virgil discovers he never really had a choice, because the final bullet reveals a truth that will change his life forever.

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