No one sets up a mystery, thriller & suspense novel like Thomas Scott.
— Publisher's Weekly

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What Readers Are Saying About The Virgil Jones Series:

“I have just finished the first five books by Thomas Scott in the Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Scott has created a diverse and ever-expanding group of central characters who are not only entertaining but complex and real, as well. I highly recommend an investment in your time to meet Detective Virgil Jones and all his interesting friends and family.”

Of all the authors I have read Thomas Scott ranks number one. His characters are so real. I also love the personal touch as he shares what makes him tick, makes him feel like an old friend, Anxiously waiting for his next book.”

Loved every part of the Virgil Jones series. The level of connectedness of the overall story was exceptional. Mason said ‘it’s all connected’ and for me this series had a level of connectedness that was unmistakable and rang true on so many levels. The level of humor, love, diversity of thought, culture, ethnicity all came together so well. I can see this series easily becoming a tv series or a movie. Very likable, relatable characters! Thank you Thomas Scott for such an enjoyable series!