State of Remains

Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series – Book 18

State of Remains - Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller - Book 18

State of Remains

Book 18 of the Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series

State of Remains is the captivating 18th Mystery Thriller novel in the ongoing Virgil Jones saga…one that continues to leave readers spellbound on the edge of their seat and begging for more!

Sometimes good cops do the wrong thing for all the right reasons, and Virgil Jones, lead detective for the Major Crimes Unit, is about to learn a hard lesson from his recent past: When words become weapons, nobody walks away free and easy…

Virgil’s wife, Sandy, the governor of the state, is on sabbatical and still in recovery after being shot in her own backyard. Virgil is taking some time off as well while his wife heals—until he receives an urgent call from his best friend and and brother, Murton Wheeler, and the news isn’t good at all…

Virgil Jones thought he’d put his qualms to rest, but now he’s about to discover what remains as a result of not only his actions, but his brother’s as well, because the words Virgil hears are his own, and they’re the ones he fears the most: “You left a trail, Murt…”

If you like police procedurals with thrills, chills, action and adventure, rebellion, laugh-out-loud humor, and characters you’ll never forget, you’ve just found it. If you’re searching for a groundbreaking mystery thriller series that stays with you long after you turn the last page, look no further because Virgil Jones is original crime fiction at its finest.

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